Kissing Bugs

Tiny things
like kissing bugs—
an unmanageable infestation,
ubiquitous year-round, not
subjected to the promises
of the seasons—of the genus
Circumstance, known for
its bite, which can kill
quickly depending
on its position
on one's previously
fixed face. Difficult
to avoid, both the bug
and the bite, and this
is life—the excess of
little things like
red lights and daydreams
partnering up to form
something tremendous...
a catalytic pair and
a lack of awareness—
enough to tear, with teeth,
two fangs, beneath flesh,
leaving little spangles
of ruby blood, fresh or
refreshed, above and 
poison below, seeping
into the stream that
leads straight to the

Only one of those kissing bugs—
the same kind, actually—could
remedy the damage done.
All it takes is another bite,
which would have to be
hastily administered. 



Originally written April 20th, 2015.

©Copyright Harrison Gorman 2015All Rights Reserved.