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I’m the one who
cleans the dance halls of others
they can be as big as Albany
a city I’ve never seen
and practice my signature solo routine
in whatever relatively tiny space
I can call my own
— Harrison Gorman, Still Dancing

A little bit about Harrison...

Harrison Gorman was born and raised in Queens, New York.

He graduated from the City University of New York at Queens College with a BA in English Language Arts and Journalism.

He identifies as gender non-conforming/gender fluid.

He collects and writes on vintage manual typewriters—his go-to machine is a 1931 Royal Model P.

He is an interdisciplinary artist—dabbling regularly, leisurely, in visual art and songwriting.

He's often told he looks like Jesse Eisenberg and/or Josh Groban.

He cannot act like Jesse Eisenberg, nor can he sing like Josh Groban.

He is a licensed motorcyclist.

He is a certified ninja warrior (documentation currently unavailable).

He likes hats.

He dislikes traffic jams.

He's pretty cool, I think.